What Is Mortgage Lens?

Mortgage Lens is the most advanced mortgage planning and presentation software on the planet. Now you have a more powerful and cost-effective alternative to other more expensive and less powerful static mortgage report generators.

Mortgage Lens doesn't require extensive training or a textbook-like instruction manual to use effectively. Mortgage Lens was designed from the ground up to be simple and easy to use. Just enter your numbers and you're ready to go.

Pro Version

Why Choose Mortgage Lens?

  • It's more powerful Mortgage Lens has 29 different analysis modules.
  • It's easier to use Mortgage Lens is so easy to use you can be up and running making presentations in less than 5 minutes.
  • It's less expensive Forget having to pay hundreds upon hundred of dollars to use another mortgage presentation package. You can try a fully functional Mortgage Lens demo for Free
  • It's interactive All analyses are done live and interactively right as you enter in the data.
  • Use on any PC Because Mortgage Lens 2.0 is now browser based, you can access it from any PC, anywhere from within your browser!

Do You Use The Mortgage Coach*?

It's time to upgrade to Mortgage Lens, the most powerful mortgage planning and presentation software on the planet! Mortgage Lens is the only truly interactive mortgage presentation software on the market. Make presentations either in person or over the internet using desktop sharing software like WebMeeting123.

Just as you've upgraded your computer hardware in the past, it's time for you to move up to Mortgage Lens, THE state of the art in mortgage presentation software...now you can try Mortgage Lens for 30 days!

What Do I Need to Use Mortgage Lens?

Mortgage Lens 2.0 now runs on all major browsers on Windows, Mac or Linux computers! This major breakthrough in technology will now allow you to access Mortgage Lens 2.0 anywhere from any internet-connected computer with NO DOWNLOADS REQUIRED.

Desktop Sharing with Mortgage Lens.

Mortgage Lens was designed from the ground up to be used with desktop sharing software so that you can do your presentations virtually, if you so desire. This unique feature saves you time and money by eliminating the need to travel to your client to show them your presentation in person.

You can get free desktop sharing from may companies. Join.me is an exellent option.

How Can Mortgage Lens Help Me?

Mortgage Lens has 29 analysis modules that allow you to position yourself as a "Mortgage Consultant" rather than just a rate and term jockey. Do all your analyses in real-time and in color. All available in a free trial!

Other mortgage software programs on the market today are simply static mortgage report generators. Presentations must be prepared beforehand, without the ability to respond dynamically to your client's questions.

Mortgage Lens empowers you to make sales in a new way by allowing you to make live presentations with your clients, either in person or virtually over the internet using desktop sharing software like WebMeeting123 Now you can have loan presentation software That will separate you from the crowd.

Rave Reviews!

  • "I am a Mortgage Coach user who was searching for a Cash Flow analysis software package that I could use with Realtors and their clients. I came across Mortgage Lens and discovered that they not only have a module like this for second homes and investment properties, but their system offers the ability to produce many other types of analyses as well. I am impressed with the interactive (PC to PC) presentation style of their material." Don Stephenson CFP Mortgage Loan Consultant

  • Wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying using your product. I've used Mortgage Coach and [...] its so technical that most borrowers can't follow along and it just confuses them. Mortgage Lens is easier on the eye, colors, graphs and charts are great. The borrower can follow along with you and you can make changes on the spot as you go through it with them. Great product and the support has been first rate. Steve Val Managing Director All Fund Mortgage

  • "Great site and great product! Your product is by far the best mortgage presentation tool in existence. PERIOD! " Don Stephenson Jr

  • Mortgage Lens is quite simply the best tool a mortgage broker could have. It has nearly doubled our âpplication to funded loan ratio and separated us from the rest of the pack. It is something that quite frankly we could not do without. If you are looking for a competitive advantage look no further. Mike Skog Vice President and Operating Partner LandMarq Lending Mendota Heights, MN 55120

  • Click for Mortgage Lens Video Testiomonial Greg Britton Metlife Home Loans

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